Every group, organization or association whether public or professional has their own standards of integrity, secrecy and professionalism to guard the image of the group or the association. Moreover, standards can raise morals.

True enough, the code of ethics in health care is not similar with that of the general ethics, Medical assistants or MAs deem as true of what they do is their duty to men.” With this moral rule, health care professionals like medical assistants are projected to do the following:

To Be Steadfast To Their Employers
According to The American Association of Medical Assistants code of ethics, medical assistants are expected to uphold the honor and high principles of the medical profession and must accept its governing disciplines.

Moreover, medical assistants are expected to be honest, devoted and truthful to their employer. The staff can lose his or her license if found guilty of stealing, blackmailing and accepting bribes.

To Give Their Best Services
Medical assistants are expected to render quality health care services and to respect their patients always. Medical assistants should be concern with the patients’ privacy whenever and wherever.

Towards patients and co workers, medical assistants must remain to be polite, friendly and caring. They must also put their patients at ease whenever they are experiencing great fear especially before procedures wherein patients often have fears of the unknown. Besides, they must at all times show sympathy and empathy to their patients. Any incorrect commentaries or expressions are not allowed because it can result to dejection.

Be Prepared To Go The Extra Mile
Medical assistants are expected to participate in additional services, aiming to improve the health and well-being of the people in the commune. They are expected to participate in voluntary works or community health preparedness projects of the government.

To Keep All Information Confidential
Unless legally required, medical assistants are expected to keep all interventions and communications with the patient restricted. Medical assistants are also expected to carefully keep information to anyone except for those people who are part of the medical team assigned to the patient. The American Association of Medical Assistants is very dogmatic when it comes to this area. Any facts that was unknowingly given even to the relatives and members of the medical assistant’s family will cause one’s license to be revoked.

To Subject Themselves In Continuous Learning
For the benefit of self, colleagues and patients, the medical assistant must seek professional advancement by continuous training and developing of knowledge and skills.

In addition, medical assistants must be open for additional knowledge and information by studying new research and tips by co workers. As give and take, they must also share to their colleagues any new learned facts and skills.

Definitely, ethics are very essential to any groups, organizations or association whether social or professional. Codes of ethics are implemented to carry on the values and dignity of the group. Through these codes of ethics, people may have an idea of what to expect to each of their members. Besides, ethics when strictly implemented can develop the foundation of the organization.

Without question, the entire health care community are expected to accede and uphold medical ethics. Medical ethics support integrity, uniformity of human beings and respect for the dignity of the patients. Medical assistants and the entire health care professionals are distinguished with other professions because they are committed to the service and to humankind. This is one of the many things that health care professionals must be proud of.

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